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Italian president kills majority govt
28/5/2018 · by Popular Liberation Movement (MPL)
Paolo Savona
Defeat the main enemy Press Release 6-2018 National Council of MPL-Programma 101 With the rejection opposed to the birth of the yellow-green government by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, the serious social and political crisis becomes a devastating institutional crisis. For the first time in the history of the Republic, he has prevented that Parliament elect his government. There is no doubt that with his veto, he has brutally gone beyond the prerogatives that the Constitution assigns him, so we believe that Parliament can and should initiate the procedure for its removal (impeachment). With the speech pronounced tonight Mattarella threw the mask. In this case too, violating his institutional function as super partes, he gave an entirely political speech, … [read more]
Snowden leaks: NSA worked on a strategy against the Anti-Imperialist Camp
7/1/2017 · by Wilhelm Langthaler
Let’s briefly recall the political context of 2004: the US government believed they could “export democracy” to Iraq, but in fact US occupation troops in Iraq faced a growing wave of resistance that had deep popular roots. The Anti-Imperialist Camp initiated a symbolic campaign under the slogan “10 Euros for the Iraqi Resistance”, which was supported by thousands with their names. The campaign intended to demonstrate that resistance to the occupation, including armed resistance, is not only politically and morally legitimate, but also protected by international law. The political activities of the Anti-Imperialist Camp as well as the alliances and cooperations we formed were obviously successful enough to register with the NSA. The Signal Intelligence Directorate with … [read more]
Referendum in Italy: flares of popular revolt
6/11/2016 · by Wilhelm Langthaler
Leonardo Mazzei
Why is the upcoming referendum so important? It is important both because of its content as well as for the symbolic meaning it has assumed. The strokes of the counter reform against the constitution fall very hard. The newly conceived Senate (Upper House), for instance, retains important powers (such as on constitutional questions, in the relations with the EU, about local authorities, the election of the president, etc.), but should no longer be elected. The Senate was thus not abolished, as Renzi’s propaganda pretends, but it was democracy has been abolished. But the most important point of the counter reform is the election law (“Italicum”) which allows, through the ballot mechanisms, to obtain with just 40% of votes, 55% of the seats. It’s a law conceived by and in favour … [read more]
Orderly disintegration of eurozone
28/7/2015 · by Stefano Fassina, MP, former Italian deputy minister
We fully support the demand for the orderly disintegration of the eurozone. Also the reference to positions held in Germany against the bailouts with a tendency to social chauvinist undercurrents (which in difference to Fassina we believe do not prevail) is a correct democratic argument. "If you do not want us we are ready to go." The Euro establishment including dominant Berlin, however, will not accept this as they have no alternative to the eurozone. Eventually we do not want to preserve the EU (like Fassina does) as we believe that breaking with the Euro regimes going for a left Keynesian programme (which we see as the next step) will require the break with the EU altogether. We should not forget that the Maastricht treaty as the very foundation of the Euro regime is an outright … [read more]
Italy in revolt
21/12/2013 · by Leonardo Mazzei
"Die Souveränität gehört dem Volk"
The demonstrations have started out on December 9 called for by autonomous organizations of the toiling masses (peasants, lorry drivers, small entrepreneurs, etc.) but included all sectors of the people hit by the crisis and especially by the sacrifices imposed by the European Union (EU). Main instrument of struggle are road blocks: In some cases the highway toll stations were occupied completely blocking the traffic. In most cases traffic was slowed down involving private and first of all professional drivers. The mobilization is working: Activists distribute leaflets, drivers stop and sound their horns – now for some two weeks in 135 Italian cities. In some towns protests were even stronger. In Turin commercial activities were paralyzed for three days. In Genoa and smaller towns … [read more]
Seven steps to save Italy
3/10/2013 · Popular Liberation Movement (MPL)
He had anticipated the electoral clash in order to vote with the current voting system still in place. The reason is simple: ungovernability had persisted and the “Berluscones”, given that the M5S (Five Star Movement) is not ready to make any accord with the ruling pro-euro clique, still held the key in hands for the formation of a new government. As a matter of fact president Napolitano, in name of the dominant European and Italian classes, has done and will do everything in order to avoid elections on the basis of the current electoral law. For the time being they won the game – but for how long is another question. Their bloc is economically dominant, but no more politically, because it doesn’t enjoy the necessary social consent to govern undisturbed. Following the … [read more]
Italy: Euro supporters defeated
27/2/2013 · Popular Liberation Movement (MPL)
1. If we consider also the number of non-voters and the spoiled votes (i.e. all the eligible citizens and not only the actual voters), the three parties (PDL – People of Freedom, PD – Democratic Party, UDC – Union of the Center) that supported for one year the worst government of the Italian republican history, obtained all together less than 50%. A blow that needs no further comment. Already this fact denies the thesis of those, many also near to us, who maintained the insignificance of these elections. On the contrary their result represents a real political earthquake. 2. Merkel’s most loved duo Bersani-Monti just obtained 40% of all valid votes. Before the elections we indicated as a goal to bring them under the threshold of 50%. We were pessimistic! The Italian ballots … [read more]
Elections in Sicily
8/11/2012 · Temporary National Secretariat of MPL (Popular Liberation Movement)
For the first time since the birth of the Italian Republic, less than half of the electorate has cast their ballots. The feelings and sentiments of the citizens have become alien from those pretending to represent them. We are faced with a divorce, which we think irreversible, between the civil society and the entire political and institutional system – a system that after this proof has been severely wounded and deprived of every semblance of democratic legitimacy. It’s not difficult to imagine how the political system will react to this strong blow: not doing a step backwards on the road they started some time ago and that has reduced democracy to a farce, but doing a step forward towards an oligarchic regime. Sicily will be the field where they will put the basis for a … [read more]
Camp leaders acquitted from terrorism
Roman demo in support of the Iraqi resistance
The only network we belonged to was actually the Anti-Imperialist Camp, which the Berlusconi government, the then Minister for Internal Affairs Pisanu and the under-secretary Mantovano had been thinking of getting rid of for a long time, because of its great solidarity campaigns with the resistances of the oppressed people. For years we were under watch by the Ros and the Digos [special sections of the Italian Carabinieri and Police]. They did not find a smoking gun, nor what could be reasonably called evidence. So they settled for a non-existent entity, which was made up by the attorney of Perugia. Their theory was simple: according to the special terrorism laws (art. 270bis) and their hardening of December 2001 (270 ter, quater etc.), supporting the resistances to the occupation … [read more]