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Afghan left warns Libyan people over NATO interests
3/9/2011 · Nasir Loyand, Left Radical of Afghanistan (LRA)
The world imperialism for its "world order" needs to occupy more regions and set up their military bases on their strategic requirement. US and NATO have been committing such crimes in the war in Afghanistan as well. They have caused the death of more than 100.000 Afghans and not only could not restored "democracy and peace" but also deteriorated the situation more than before. They established a corrupt and weak regime which cannot stay a week without the support of US/NATO. The recently talking on strategic agreement between Afghanistan and US for legalizing occupation forces and establishment of military bases constitute the key objective of the bargaining between a master and a slave. The imperialism never have helped a nation nor brought the prosperity to them. This claim once … [read more]
Freedom for 3 Libyan nationals
24/6/2011 · Committee to Free the Three Libyan Patriots
What serious "crimes" would have blemished the records of the three Libyan students? None really. As the authorities themselves have admitted, these are "preventive arrests made for crimes that have not been committed," including the intention to occupy the Libyan Embassy in Italy. What is alleged about Nuri Ahusain and the others is that they have been at the forefront of protests against the bombing of Libya and have condemned them as imperialist intervention of NATO in the internal affairs of their country; that they have denied the reports, proven indeed that the "genocide" committed by forces loyal to Gadhafi is in effect media hype, and of having called the leaders of the revolt in Libya parasitic worms in the pay of Western invaders. Accused, in short, of being patriots … [read more]
Colonial aggression on Libya to stop Arab revolutions
On the eighth anniversary of the Zionist imperialist aggression on Iraq, the American NATO bombers and battle ships committed a cruel aggression on the Libyan territory. They are doing so in preparation to a wider plan targeting Libya’s independence and sovereignty. The armies of America, France, Britain and Italy, the supporters of the corrupt tyrant rulers in our Arab homeland, the enemies of freedom, independence, democracy, progress and justice in our Arab countries, these states are the most hypocrite, wicked and false users of human concepts and values. The West wages the aggression against Libya in the spirit of the crusaders’ hatred against the Arabs, their history and their future. It is a colonial intervention in the inner Libyan affairs in the frame of a western … [read more]
Stop the attack on Libya!
22/3/2011 · Anti-imperialist Camp
The rhetoric of support for the democratic movements is simply ridiculous. The best counter-example are the Gulf states. In Bahrain, they are striking at the democracy movement in a bloody crackdown in the name of order—i.e. capitalism and imperialism—and stability. The same Gulf regimes cheekily do some Arab cheerleading for the western attack. The west itself is no less dishonest. For decades they nurtured Arab dictatorships to control the region. Until the very end the west firmly stood by Mubarak in Egypt, Ben Ali in Tunisia etc., and western support for the worst dictatorship in the region—Saudi Arabia—is undounted. They had also made peace with Qaddhafi, did wonderful business with him and put him in charge of keeping unwanted African migrants out of the EU. But as … [read more]
Libya: Popular democratic uprising in favour of the West?
25/2/2011 · Willi Langthaler
Arundhati Roy is an intellectual icon of the resistance against globalisation. Recently we asked her what she thinks about the democratic movements in the Arab world. Her answer was that the support those rebellions enjoy in the western media makes her rather anxious. How this fact can be interpreted? The Egyptian movement was quite a challenge for the regimes of the west, as Mubarak was one of the most important pro-western dictators. His regime protected Israel and in return received billions of military aid each year. In the true spirit of neoliberalism, Washington also outsourced torture to Cairo. At the same time, the lords of the world have continued to as the keepers of the Holy Grail they call democracy. The Tunisian movement was so powerful that it forced the US regime to … [read more]