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Congress of the Communist Workers’ Party of Tunisia
23/7/2011 · by Wilhelm Langthaler
One is, however, inclined to wonder whether this displayed identitarian spirit might also turn into a problem to obtain wider consensus. While the overwhelming support for the revolution (which is not only democratic) in society is undeniable and thus the central demand for a constituent assembly rallies a clear majority, this will certainly not be true for the communism let alone for the PCOT's particular brand. It is not by accident that some within the party proposed to change the name into Workers’ Party. After a cultural program which not only stressed the communist heritage but also repeated the support for the Palestinian cause, came the central speech of Hamma Hammami, the leader of the PCOT, former political prisoner and widely recognized front figure against Ben Ali’s … [read more]
Class analysis of Tunisia
Anti-imperialist Camp ____________________________ Khelil wrote me this (I cite with his permission and I can confirm his analysis. I have indeed received emails from irate Tunisians who told me that they did not want Ghannushi to step down): "1) The middle class (adult and youth) is greatly irritated that Ghannoushi stepped down (over 2,000 gathered at his home after his announcement to call for his return in a spontaneous affair; Mr Gannouchi, mes excuses chui 1 de la majorité qui ont choisi le silence is a Facebook page and another for Ghannoushi has over 10,000 fans) and now what is being called the "silent majority" is starting to stand up against the UGTT union which is behind the continuing protests. A majority of Tunisians, especially the middle class, is growing … [read more]
Revolutionary coalition created in Tunisia
It includes the founding forces of political parties and progressive and democratic organizations. The Front’s urgent tasks are: 1. Bringing down Ghannouchi current government or any government that includes symbols of the former regime. 2. Dissolving the RCD, the confiscation of its headquarters and property and Bank accounts as they belong to the people, and dismissing its members. 3. Formation of temporary force that enjoys the confidence of the people and the progressive forces of the civil society political, associations, unions and youth organizations. 4. The dissolving of the House of Representatives and the advisers council and all current false bodies, and the Higher Council of the Judiciary, and the dismantling of the political structure of the … [read more]
To the People of Tunisia
24/1/2011 · Left Radical of Afghanistan (LRA)
Congretulation on Tunisian Revolution which will inspire the workers and the oppressed around the world to stand up aganist so- called democratic regimes and capitalist brutal system.The workers and people of Afghanistan which have been suffering from occupation of US/Nato and their barbaric war, express their solidarity with Tunisian people and condonle with families of martyreds and victim of police in Tunisia. - long live workers revoluation in Tunisia! - Down with imperialism and occupation! - Stop imperialist intervention in Tunisia! Nasir Loyand 24 January 2011, … [read more]