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Reading the Iran deal
25/11/2013 · by Wilhelm Langthaler
Iran: crude production and consumption
The conflict’s background The base of the antagonism between the West and Iran remains the revolution of 1979 which had a strong anti-imperialist momentum and remains until now one of the most important popular revolutions of the regions or even the world. The Islamic Republic is, however, not a direct, linear, immediate expression of the popular and anti-imperialist tendencies but rather its mediation broken by clerical rule. We just have to remember the Iraq-Iran war. With its approach of dual containment Washington carefully balanced its proxy support to both sides. The war served the Mullahs as a formidable tool to bend the power of the popular movement having emerged during the revolution. Take as further evidence the unequal couple of Rafsanjani and Khatami during the … [read more]
Everybody’s darling?
28/6/2013 · by Wilhelm Langthaler
The establishment First of all it is the supreme leader Chameini who can be happy. The entire system of the Islamic republic displayed flexibility. Not only does the high turnout express political strength but the same holds for allowing a figure into the presidency which does not directly belong to the dominant faction. If there wasn’t the reports of Chameini having lent support to the conservative candidates (who scored all together less votes than Rohani), one would think that Chameini invented and created Rohani. For several reasons his presidency helps to resolve several problems: The system softly and smoothly gets rid of the worn-out and disgraced president Ahmedinejad who during his ascent had attracted the lower classes to the system and still maintains some following. At … [read more]
To defend Iran?
8/4/2010 · By Moreno Pasquinelli
«The Iraqi resistance has been waiting years for you to stand condemning Iran for its participation in the invasion of Iraq, and dissemination of sectarian strife, but you do not do, unfortunately! It seems you are with Iran even with its occupations the Iraqi lands, in Fakka for example, and kill thousands of Iraqis and playing the most serious role in hitting the Iraqi resistance in coordination with America, which makes you practically movement loyal to America by supporting Iran the most dangerous party in the implementation of US- ZIONIST schemes to divide Iraq,. This support to Iran IS very strange because Iran is playing the role of the first partner for America in the invasion and destruction of Iraq and the invasion of Afghanistan.» Salah Al-Mukhtar A first … [read more]
Stop the aggression against Iran!
Since G. W. Bush has labeled Iran a "rogue state", a brutal campaign of demonization against this country with a multimillenial history and its government is going on; it is a campaign based on lies which is clearly meant to clear the way for military aggression. We all remember how the war on Iraq was prepared. As the sanctions and the embargo caused half a million deaths (mainly children, because of the lack of medecine, milk and necessary goods), Iraq was accused to store "weapons of mass destruction". How can we forget the great play-acting through which Colin Powell, in order to justify what was going to be the biggest massacre after Vietnam, went as far as deceiving the UN Assembly by showing the famous "smoking gun"? The United States, which defend their global supremacy with … [read more]
Iran: A snub for the West
16/6/2009 · Anti-imperialist Camp
2.    Even the Western media had to admit that it is the poor who strongly support the president. His allegations of corruption promptly gained him the epithet “populist” in the West—an indirect admission that he enjoys broad support from below.3.    The capitalist establishment around Rafsanjani (number two of the regime and chairperson of the Assembly of Experts) and a broad coalition of Islamic forces from the “left” to the “right” actually didn’t support Ahmadinejad, but his contender Mousavi. Ayatollah Khamenei (number one and successor to Khomeini), after the elections sided with the victor; however that doesn’t mean that Ahmadinejad was his favourite candidate, because Ahmadinejad’s fiery … [read more]
Biggest ever U.S. naval built-up in the Gulf
The aircraft carriers USS Theodore Roosevelt and the USS Ronald Reagan, along with the USS Iwo Jima, an Amphibious Assault Ship are sailing toward the Persian Gulf to reinforce the US strike forces in the region, along with a British Royal Navy carrier battle group and a French nuclear hunter-killer submarine.This move follows the ominous Operation Brimstone, a massive military exercise involving more than a dozen warships from the US, England, and France in the Atlantic Ocean in preparation for a possible confrontation with Iran. The USS Roosevelt, which participated in the just-concluded exercise, and the USS Ronald Reagan will join two US naval battle groups in the area: the USS Abraham Lincoln with its Carrier Strike Group Nine ; and the USS Peleliu, and Amphibious Assault Ship … [read more]
We Condemn the Colonial Sanctions Against Iran
5/3/2008 · Iranian-American Community (IACUS)
This is not the first time the colonial powers have been attempting to keep the oil-rich Iran poor and dependent. In the early part of the 19th century, when the Iranian people attempted to bring the railroad to the country, they were denied that by the colonial powers. Despite their opposition, when World War II broke out and the Allied forces invaded Iran, they found the railroad quite useful, but when the people communicated their desire to bring the steel industry to Iran, time and again they were told Iran did not need the steel industry. Iran's steel industry project was time and again turned down by the World Bank and other Western institutions and governments. It was only decades later, in 1965 when the Iranians were able to establish the steel plant in Esfahan with the … [read more]
Hands off Iran!
28/6/2006 · Anti-imperialist Camp
The media campaign against Iran is based on similar pretexts like the one against Iraq some years back. Like Iraq now Iran is being displayed as a danger to world peace and security. But for the biggest part of the world there is already now neither peace nor security. Capitalist globalisation and concomitant imperial war and occupation render life to hell for the majority of the world's population. They know well that the head and source of their misery are the US and their allies. It is them who are the main danger. But it is true that Iran like all other forces not willing to completely subordinate to Washington are indeed a danger, but not for the peoples but for the very empire. Any movement, people or national state able to defend its sovereignty would stir others to do the same … [read more]
Iran Target of Apparent Disinformation Ploy
24/5/2006 · by Jim Lobe, Inter Press Service
The article by a frequent contributor to the Wall Street Journal, Iranian-American Amir Taheri, was initially published in Friday's edition of Canada's National Post, which ran alongside the story a 1935 photograph of a Jewish businessman in Berlin with a yellow, six-pointed star sewn on his overcoat, as required by Nazi legislation at the time. The Post subsequently issued a retraction. Taheri's story, however, was reprinted by the New York Post, which is owned by media baron Rupert Murdoch, and picked up by the Jerusalem Post, which also featured a photo of a yellow star from the Nazi era over a photo of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Another neo-conservative publication, the New York Sun, also noted the story Monday, claiming that the specific report that … [read more]