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Sobre la propuesta del Vicepresidente sirio Faruq al-Sharaa a favor de una solución política
6/1/2013 · Wilhelm Langthaler, Campo Antiimperialista
Sin embargo, no está muy claro el estatus de esa propuesta. ¿Cuenta con la aprobación del Presidente? No lo sabemos. Pero Sharaa se atrevió a manifestarla y sigue en su puesto. Es obvio que hay un cierto ancho de banda de posiciones dentro del régimen y la política revolucionaria debe intentar debilitar a los de la línea dura, quienes, obviamente, también están ahí. Rusia, el principal patrocinador de Asad, dejó al mismo tiempo claro que no va a seguir apoyándole a cualquier precio. Esto, por un lado, es una advertencia a Asad para que cree las condiciones previas para una transición y, por otro, es una señal a los rivales geopolíticos de Moscú de que Rusia está dispuesta a llegar a un compromiso. Y está también en línea con la propuesta iraní. El cambio que … [read more]
Democratic Syria and Civilian State
The Media Committee for the Syrian International Conference has released more information and details about the Conference: "For a Democratic Syria and Civil State", which is due to take place on Monday and Tuesday, 28 - 29 January 2013 in Geneva. The Committee stressed that the Conference has been arranged following requests by prominent figures and countries, including requests from within the European Union, to promote the democratic civil opposition and to hold a conference for this. In preparing the Conference, the organizers have sought to bring together more than 100 people from the opposition from both within Syria and from different movements and opposition political parties, and to highlight the importance of breaking the siege against the peaceful uprising and the civilian … [read more]
On vice-president Sharaa’s proposal for a political solution
26/12/2012 · Wilhelm Langthaler
It is, however, not quite clear which status this proposal has. Did the president approve it? We do not know. But Sharaa dared to speak out and he is still in office. It is obvious that there is a certain bandwidth of positions within the regime, and revolutionary politics must try to weaken the hardliners who are obviously also there. Russia, the main backer of Assad, at the same time made it clear that they will not keep supporting Assad at any cost. This is on one hand a warning to Assad to create the preconditions for a transition, and on the other hand a signal to Moscow’s geo-political rivals that Russia is ready for a compromise. This is in line with the Iranian proposal as well. The change in these positions is that they moved away from elections under the current regime – … [read more]
"Not reciprocate the regime"
24/12/2012 · Interview conducted by Wilhelm Langthaler
Q: What are the Unity Brigades (UB) and how did way come into existence? The UB are composed of people and groups originated from the civil revolutionary movement organised in the Tasiqiat [pl. for Tansiqia organisation which are local committees]. Some are also defected soldiers of the regular army. We formed our one brigades to defend us and our movement against the extreme violence and systematic killings by the regime which follows a sectarian method. We think that we ought not to respond by employing sectarian patterns as well as some groups do. This results in a political help to the regime. The armed struggle needs a clear political agenda which many armed groups lack. Q: Are you part of the Free Syrian Army (FSA)? Formally the UB are part of the FSA. But until now there … [read more]
Yes to democracy, no to foreign intervention!
Delegation: Campell (...), Gabriel, Pissias, Reymann, Vera (...), Bendana, Fanon
We, the undersigned, who are part of an international civil society increasingly worried about the awful bloodshed of the Syrian people, are supporting a political initiative based on the results of a fact-finding mission which some of our colleagues undertook to Beirut and Damascus in September 2012. This initiative consists in calling for a delegation of high-ranking personalities and international public figures to go to Syria in order to discuss the current situation with the main political actors and to pave the way for a negotiated political solution of the armed conflict in Syria which seriously threatens world peace and the existence of Syria as an independent and sovereign nation. In this perspective we fully support the following declaration: All eyes are presently on the … [read more]
Rebellion reaches Assad’s hometown
10/10/2012 · Wilhelm Langthaler
The ensuing gun battle reportedly claimed several lives. The “Revolutionary Co-ordination Committee Qardaha”, whose mere existence is an important fact, wrote on October 1 that Mohamed al Assad died from his wounds in the hospital of Tartous. Different Syrian websites reported that the town was cordoned of and communication networks temporarily severed. Conflicts between family clans are not new. In the past years they were mainly revolving around mafia-type businesses as Qardaha is also known a centre of the Shabiha, the pro-governmental militias having emerged from the mafia. Although the illegal businesses have been under the tutelage of the regime conflicts could not always be suppressed. But this time we are faced with an explicitly political clash. Its occasion was the … [read more]
Syria Salvation Conference
26/9/2012 · by Wilhelm Langthaler
It was the first public meeting of opposition forces since June 27, 2011, when they held the famous conference in the Samiramis hotel. From the side of the authorities the meeting was not only tolerated but they also provided security. Official signals, however, were quite equivocal. Only three days ahead of the conference senior leader of the NCB have been kidnapped. The NCB blames the air force intelligence while the authorities refuse any responsibility and point at “terrorist groups”. This can be read both as a double game or as differences within the apparatus. The great interest of Russia, Iran and China in such an event, who were present with high-ranging representatives, were certainly a factor which contributed to make such a gathering possible. In a statement of … [read more]
Al Khayyer arrested by Syrian Air Force Intelligence
22/9/2012 · Anti-Imperialist Camp
According to Haitham Manna, the international spokesman of the NCB, the arrests took place by the hands of the Air Force Intelligence. They are held incommunicado in the prison of the Al Mazzeh military airport near Damascus. The regime, however, denies any involvement and accuses “terrorist groups”. This happens against the backdrop of an opposition conference scheduled for Sunday 23rd. Organised by the NCB, the conference calls for a political solution in order to stop the violence. Despite the kidnapping of important leaders the organisers nevertheless will attempt to hold the event. The conference has fallen victim to character assassination from both sides, the regime as well as mainly foreign opposition groups. Formally they speak of their readiness for negotiations but … [read more]
Domestic Syrian opposition leaders disappeared
21/9/2012 · National Coordination Body’s Media Office / Exile Branch
The NCB released a statement: We at the NCB decided to postpone the publicity for the following news, hoping to find out what has happened. We have called several Embassies, numerous national and Arabic personalities – inside and outside the country: Any infringement of the freedom and safety of Iyas Ayash, Abdelaziz Alkhayyer and Maher Tahan is an infringement of the concept of citizenship, and of moral and political commitment to the Syrian citizen and their natural right to security, freedom and dignity. We demand that whoever can put an end to the disappearance of these three civilians should act immediately in accordance with their national responsibility in respecting other citizens and ensuring their freedom and safety. Any harm inflicted upon our partners, regardless … [read more]
Democratic revolution against Assad AND the Gulf-backed forces
4/8/2012 · by Wilhelm Langthaler
Anti-regime demonstrators in the province of Idlib, June 29, 2012
The blast The bomb blast of July 18 inside a governmental building killing four top leaders of the security apparatus was a very heavy blow for the regime. Regardless whether the perpetrators were part of the opposition or opponents within the regime it shows an acute stage of weakness, destabilisation and insecurity. Everybody was looking to the reactions of the top echelon of the apparatus. At the same time news from the massive loss of territorial control in the countryside, oer border crossings and an almost complete withdrawal from the Kurdish area enhanced the picture of the possibility of a quick end of the regime. Then there were the armed insurgency in Damascus reaching close to the centres of power in the quarters which had been centres of civil rebellion before. From … [read more]
For a political, not a military solution
Gathered in Rome at the Community of Sant’Egidio, we who belong to various groups of the Syrian democratic opposition, active both inside and outside the country, address this appeal to the Syrian people, to all sides involved and to the international community. We have different opinions and experiences. We have struggled and continue to struggle for freedom, dignity, democracy, human rights and to construct a Syria that is democratic, civil and safe for all, without fear and without oppression. We love Syria. We know that Syria, a place where different religions and peoples have coexisted peacefully, today runs a deadly risk that threatens the unity of its people, their rights and the sovereignty of the state. We are not neutral. We are part of the Syrian people, which is … [read more]
Salameh Kaileh: Assad’s collapse imminent
30/7/2012 · Mohamed Aburous and Wilhelm Langthaler
Salameh Kaileh
The Assad regime used Kaileh’s Palestinian decent as an excuse to legitimise the deportation. His tendency has been fully immersed in the popular revolt from the very beginning. Salameh Kailah was invited to Vienna by the Arab Austrian Cultural Center (OKAZ) and the Union of Syrians Abroad to deliver a speech on the civil disobedience movement in Damascus. The Anti-imperialist Camp participated in the organisation of the event and in the discussion.. Kaileh’s intervention came in the aftermath of the bomb attack in Damascus which killed four high ranking officials of the security apparatus. The political situation on the ground hints that the final battle is coming closer. For Kaileh it is of utmost importance that the victory of the popular uprising is possible without … [read more]
Haytham Manna at the Anti-imperialist Camp in Assisi
Speech and public debate with Haytham Manna Thursday, August 23rd, 9pm The NBC is a coalition of democratic forces which are taking part in the popular rebellion under the well-known slogan of the three NOs: No to foreign intervention! No to militarization and civil war! No sectarianism! In difference to the “Syrian National Council” (SNC) it is based within the country and includes representatives of all religious communities as well as the Kurds. It has come into sharp conflict with the SNC which way accuse of committing exactly what the SBC is opposing with the three NOs. The NBC reproaches to the SNC in substance to follow foreign agendas. While fully supporting the popular movement and the democratic demands, it is until now favouring a negotiated transition to avert … [read more]
Damascus uprising calling upon soldiers to switch side
The people now is waging one of the most important battles of the revolution. We should not misjudge what happens and reduce it to a decisive military battle with this regime. It’s an open Damascene popular uprising in which the revolution mobilizes all its forces and capabilities and all possible forms of struggle, military and popular. What gives the Damascene events all this importance that it is not confined to military action. We experience the participation of the people with all his revolutionary capabilities and energies in the "Damascus uprising". (This has been true since the beginning of the revolution but is especially important in the present moment.) We witness in addition to the armed clashes in the districts of the capital, road blockades, strikes, and social support … [read more]
A demokráciáért, a társadalmi igazságosságért, a békéért és a nemzeti szuverenitásért!
Az arab népek felkelése és a nyugat által támogatott zsarnokok bukása Tunéziában és Egyiptomban is felvillanyozta az elnyomott népeket az arab világban és a demokratikus mozgalomnak minden reménye meg volt Szíriában is a gyors győzelemre. Gyorsan világossá vált, hogy az Aszad-rezsim nem képes és nem is hajlandó, hogy megfeleljen a szír nép igénye szerinti szabadságra és társadalmi igazságosságra. Minden ígéret a politikai jogok bővítésére üres szólamnak bizonyult. Az egyetlen válasz a demokratikus mozgalom véres elnyomása, további fojtogatása lett. Ezreket öltek meg, több tízezer ember sebesült meg, rengetegen kerültek börtönbe. Annak ellenére, hogy a katonai egységek folyamatosan gyilkolták a tüntetőket, az ellenállás … [read more]
“Annan plan not dead”
1/6/2012 · Interview conducted by Wilhelm Langthaler
To the questions whether the Houla massacre spells the end of the Annan plan, Kilo answers with a resolute no. “We must fight for the implementation of the plan as the consequences of its end are dire.” According to Kilo there are many forces who want the end of the UN presence to start and all out war which would further harm the popular democratic movement. Asked on the recent general strike in Damascus, the capital which remained so far relatively quiet in comparison with the centers of the revolt, he pointed to an unprecedented development. “The fact that the chamber of commerce, the representative of the commercial bourgeoisie, for the first time voiced significant dissent to the regime makes them tremble. It is a very promising … [read more]
Syria: popular revolution to avoid civil war
31/5/2012 · Carlos Varea, Santiago Alba, Moreno Pasquinelli, Wilhelm Langthaler
Thus the Assad regime is pushing the country into sectarian civil war. With its marauding Shabiha militia it is lending political ground to armed sectarian forces backed by the Gulf States which search to retaliate in the same way and are calling for a foreign military intervention. The only way to avoid the scenario of sectarian civil war, which will mainly help Israel, imperialism and its Gulf proxies, is an all out popular revolution involving the broad masses engulfing all confessions. Therefore the latest strike movement shaking Damascus shows the way forward potentially marginalising the foreign backed Taqfirist sectarian forces. We fully recognise the right to armed self-defence against the regime’s repression but we still believe that the military escalation is to the … [read more]
For democracy, social justice, peace and national sovereignty
When the Arab popular revolt toppled the western-backed tyrants in Tunisia and Egypt, electrified the oppressed masses across the Arab world and eventually reached Syria, we all hoped for a quick victory of the democratic movement. But soon the Assad regime revealed itself to be unable and unwilling to positively respond to the legitimate demands of the Syrian people for freedom and social justice. All promises for more rights turned out to be empty. The only answer has been severe repression, drowning the democratic movement in blood. Thousands have been killed, and tens of thousands injured or arrested. Nevertheless, the movement in the streets continued to peacefully face the guns of the regime for many months despite the utmost imbalance of force. Sooner or later there came … [read more]
Endorsers Int'l Solidarity Initiative with the Syrian People
Following the list of the first signatories of the International Solidarity Initiative for the Syrian People. • Leo Gabriel, journalist, social anthropologist and member of the International Council of the World Social Forum, Vienna, Austria • Moreno Pasquinelli, Anti-imperialist Camp, Assisi, Italy • Carlos Varea González, university professor and leading member of the “Campaign against the Occupation and for the Sovereignty of Iraq” (CEOSI), Madrid, Spain • Santiago Alba Rico, Spanish writer, resident in Tunis, Tunisia • Franz Fischer, Palestine activist and CC member of the Labour Party of Switzerland, Basel • Thomas Zmrzly, spokesman of “Initiativ e.V.”, Duisburg, Germany • Mustafa Ilhan, journalist, Kurdish activist, Aachen, Germany • Wilhelm … [read more]
Again, thank you for nothing!
24/5/2012 · by Subhi Hadidi
American president Obama recently received an open letter, backed by two of the most prominent neoconservative institutions in America: the Foreign Policy Initiative, which demands American leadership in the contemporary world, an armed leadership, a global cop. And the Foundation for the Defence of Democracies, which was founded after the September 11th attacks with the goal of ‘defending the free nations in the face of their enemies’. The letter was signed by 56 ‘foreign policy experts and former officials of the US administration’, as they defined themselves. Among them is Karl Rove, former advisor in the George Bush Jr. administration, and the engineer of his election campaigns; James Woolsey, former Director of the CIA; Paul Bremer, the American governor of Iraq after the … [read more]