Wilhelm Langthaler
Egypt remains in turmoil. The fall of Mubarak’s tyranny sounded the starting signal for a large and deep process of transformation. With the referendum of March 19, 2011, the military council with support of the Islamic forces has frozen the popular demand for a constituent assembly. Both the parliamentary elections of September as well as the presidential elections set for the turn of year will thus take place within a substantially unchanged constitutional framework. The new president will wield de facto dictatorial powers and will thus play a pre-eminent role.
The popular uprising in Egypt has swept away the dictator and stirred up the whole region. Its aim was not only to get rid of Mubarak, but the whole regime, the Mubarak system, although the movement does not have a clear political leadership and structure.
The brief thaw between the people and the army is over and the army has crushed the demonstrators on Tahrir Square.
Anti-imperialist Camp
Now it is done: Housni Mubarak is gone! Only 18 hours before his demission, Mubarak held a speech in which he expressed for a last time his famous ignorance and slowness, refusing to resign. As the masses stood just before storming sensitive state organs, and the Egyptian army just before the exam whether it would shoot into the masses or not, Mubarak was removed from power as it had become clear that he was little more than a danger for his own allies and partners. The change was carried out within the state apparatus. The gang of Mubarak had to be removed so that the regime can stay in power.
Elias Tamouz
I know that Mubarak’s regime is not yet abolished, but I know how much the people of Egypt are suffering from unemployment, poverty, humiliation and lack of democracy.
Parti des Indigènes de la République
A hateful attack just plunged into mourning the Copt community in the North of the Egyptian town of Alexandria. It claimed 21 victims among the worshippers and 80 wounded, some of which policemen. As an extreme act of cynicism, it happened in the vicinity of a sacred place, a church, right during the period of preparation for Orthodox Christmas.
Popular Egyptian Convoy to break the siege of Gaza
A convoy organized by Egypt’s political forces took off to Rafah, 11 June, in an effort to end the blockade imposed on Gaza since 2007.


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