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A Belarus Maidan?
1/9/2020 · by Wilhelm Langthaler
What do you think of the current street movement in Belarus trying to bring down Lukashenko? The current street movement is the largest we have ever seen in recent history of Belarus. Most of the people involved have no clear understanding of what they really want to achieve, and what is the future they are fighting for. Basically, it all boils down to some vague hope that it is enough to bring down Lukashenko – and everything will be all right. Of course, the people most likely to come to power if the movement wins have a very clear understanding of this future. It is clearly a neo-liberal vision with massive privatization of state property, deindustrialization, “optimization” of the healthcare system etc. It goes without saying that, as leftists, we can’t support these aims. … [read more]
Donbass: miners and anti-fascists
23/5/2019 · Wilhelm Langthaler
Parade in Donetsk on May 11, 2019
Even in just a few days, any visitor will realise that obvious facts on the ground in the so-called separatist areas blatantly contradict several basic assumptions: At least in the capital cities of Donets and Lugansk, normal everyday life prevails, there is no war or emergency situation evident. You have to look closely and ask locals to find signs of a war. At the moment, Paris is definitely more militarised. On the other hand the economic difficulties, the social consequences of the uncertain situation and the lack of investment are quite obvious. Concerning politics and culture, there is a kind of re-sovietisation, even though the social foundations and causes are completely different from the Soviet past. Two elements seem to be central for the identity in the People’s … [read more]
Neo-Nazi terror in Lviv
3/10/2018 · by S. Kirichuk
In Lviv, Western Ukraine, 20 neo-Nazis armed with knives and telescopic batons have attacked a group of left-wing social activists. Young men and women received numerous wounds including life threatening ones. One of the victims, being out of consciousness, was transferred to the reanimation, he was stabbed near the heart area. The activists recognized faces of the agressors, who were members of the National Corps, a far-right party based on the Azov military regiment and backed by the minister of interior Arsen Avakov. This is not the first attack on the activists of the anti-fascist organization Black Banner. During the last year, these activists, in fact, were the main target for massive neo-Nazi movements of Lviv. But after each attack the police was doing nothing. Even more, … [read more]
EU parliamentarians to question Maidan murder narrative
23/3/2018 · Sergei Kiritchuk, Ukrainian journalist
Blood on a shield on Maidan
There was present also the Scottish MEP David Coburn, and Latvian MEP Miroslav Mitrofanov who showed special interest in presentation invited all the speakers to his office to discuss possible means of action. The meeting was opened by Anne Steffen, an Israeli investigative journalist, who come to Brussels to present video material that sheds a whole new light on the tragic events that took place in Maidan. Over the last four years, the Ukrainian authorities have perseveringly spread the theory that it was former Ukrainian authorities who were responsible for the murders on the Maidan. We were told that they opened fire on protesting people and killed more than one hundred of them in cold blood. The terror of this imaginary image, strengthened by the reluctance towards the former … [read more]
We will not allow Kiev to silence May 2 massacre in Odessa!
24/2/2017 · Union Borotba (Struggle)
Gennady and Alexander Kushnarev
Yesterday a flagrant event happened in Odessa – agents of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) arrested Alexander Kushnarev, the father of anti-fascist Gennady Kushnarev, who was slain on May 2, 2014.  He is accused of organizing the kidnapping of Verkhovna Rada Deputy Alexei Goncharenko, who was photographed posing with Gennady’s body on May 2. Alexander Kushnarev, like the other relatives of the dead, is a major obstacle to the Ukrainian government, which is trying to cover up the massacre that occurred on May 2, 2014, in Odessa.  They refuse to be silent about this tragedy. They hold memorial rallies, produce literature about the events of May 2, and knock on the doors of all international human rights organizations. Such activity by the relatives of … [read more]
Ukraine pro-Nazi health minister accused
19/1/2017 · by Sergei Kirichuk
Ullyana Suprun
The new healthcare minister Ullyana Suprun - a US citizen from the pro-Nazi diaspora (who came to support Maidan and was appointed as a minister) - is being accused by Ukrainian doctors of ‘reforms’ that may have caused numerous deaths of Ukrainian patients. Recently she has been accused also of total professional incompetence and the absence of the required medical education. Being summoned to the Parliament hearings, she refused to show her diploma stating that “it’s confidential information”. Now her scandalous behaviour is interpreted as “disrespect to the Parliament”. Ukrainian antifascist net also identified her as a daughter of a pro-Nazi policeman who fled to the USA in … [read more]
Odessa: manhunt on democratic activist Oleg Efimov
8/1/2017 · by Alexey Albu, former Odessa Regional Council Deputy in exile
Oleg Efimov
Urgent! The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) handed over personal data on a political opponent to the neo-Nazis! In Odessa, the neo-Nazis from the Right Sector began harassing retired officer Oleg Efimov, who brought flowers to the Russian Consulate in memory of those who died in the recent plane crash. Many of you have seen the video of this bold Odessan who was not afraid to speak out against the leader of the Right Sector, Sergei Sternenko. The nationalists were unable to come to terms with this defiant attitude and began to put pressure on him. The Ukrainian media have openly published personal information about Efimov, including his address, phone number, links to pages on social media, and various biographical details. Moreover – there are calls for violence. After … [read more]
How the EU destroys Ukraine’s forests
8/12/2016 · by Sergei Kirichuk
Vanishing forest karpathians
And after the enormous pressure and blackmailing, the EU finally reached its aim, while caring not so much about Ukraine’s nature. On November 24, the President of The European Commission Jan-Claude Juncker stated that in coming weeks Ukraine is set to cancel the timber export ban and president Poroshenko is ready to submit the corresponding bill to the parliament. Jean-Claude Juncker, the President of the European Commission, linked fulfillment of this condition will allow EU to release EUR 600 million macro-financial assistance. A quite disturbing fact is that the decision (though still not approved by the Parliament) was made on the background of the recent statements like: ‘Ukrainian forests are on the verge of extinction’, as reported UaToday (i): “The forests are … [read more]
Alla Aleksandrovskaya Placed Under House Arrest
19/10/2016 · KP of Ukraine
Alla Aleksandrovska
Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard “Alla Aleksandrovskaya’s health has deteriorated compared to how it was before the decision on the preventive measure. This was diagnosed by doctors, and confirmed by examination. This was one of our main arguments because remaining in jail may lead to the deterioration of her health, and she will not be able to receive help,” said her lawyer Aleksandr Pasternak.” According to him, despite her health problems, the main Communist of Kharkov is in a fighting mood. “KP” REMINDER Security forces arrived at Aleksandrovskaya’s house with a search warrant on June 28th, after which she was taken into custody. According to the security service, Aleksandrovskaya, together with his son Aleksandr, who was declared … [read more]
Alla Aleksandrovska remains imprisoned
12/10/2016 · by Sergei Kirichuk
Alla Aleksandrovska
The court prolonged her conviction again. An official reason is the same as in many other Ukrainian political cases: a prosecutor’s witness is missing. It’s a traditional practice in Ukrainian political cases: to delay the court hearings for years (under the pretext of missing prosecutor’s witness) and hold political opponents … [read more]
Ukraine: reconciliation instead of repression
Peace for Ukraine
On September 4th, right-wing radicals had the attacked “Inter” TV channel. The channel’s office was burned by nationalists, only the miracle helped to avoid human casualties. Threats of physical violence are coming against journalists and editors of “NewsOne” channel. In fact, all of the independent media are facing direct violence or the threat of violence from nationalist organizations. We are also very concerned about information that right-wing radicals are controlled and directed by high-rank Ukrainian state officials and leadership of law enforcement authorities. Attacks on the media synchronized with the pressure of the authorities on the opposition leaders. Alla Alexandrovska, a 68 year old former MP of the Communist Party is still imprisoned in the city of … [read more]
EU to bear full responsibility for civil war in Ukraine
13/9/2016 · by Wilhelm Langthaler
Vasilj Volga
What is in retrospect your position on the free trade agreement between Ukraine and the EU? The agreement is actually detrimental to Ukraine’s national economic interest. There was a populist element in the propaganda of the forces which staged the military coup like for example facilitating visa etc. We should immediately cancel the trade agreement and rebuild the economic ties with Russia and the entire region in order to serve our national interest. The popular uprising in the east has been directed also against this unjust agreement. If the rebellion had won, if national interest had not been betrayed, civil war could have been averted. Ukraine could have developed its economic forces in a dynamic way as a bridge between Europe and Asia. What do you think about the current … [read more]
Persecution of Odessa historian E. Radzihovskaya
Sergey Sternenko also accused Radzikhovskaya, a leading specialist with the university’s Faculty of History, of using foul language in a public place and demanded the university administration dismiss her. In response, the Rector officially said that university authorities condemned Radzikhovskaya’s alleged actions and were launching an internal investigation, reflecting a lack of respect for the Constitution of Ukraine and the teacher, Elena Alexandrovna Radzikhovskaya. The Council of Mothers of May 2 declared that Sergei Sternenko in his letter had made allegations and attacks defaming the honor and dignity of Elena Radzikhovskaya. Available video proves that the statements of Elena Alexandrovna did not contain anything that would justify Sternenko’s accusations. Elena … [read more]
Nazis beat Leftist Union leader in Ukraine
Before the press conference in Zaporizhzhya City Vasily Volga was attacked. More than 30 radical neo-Nazis took part in beating the leader of the UL. Vasyl Volga was unguarded, and refused for their demand to leave the Zaporizhzhya. Vasyl Volga in the framework of his visit to the cities of Ukraine draws the attention of the citizens of Ukraine on the need to stop the war and confrontation in the society, to start a public dialogue between the parts of Ukraine torn by war. Vasyl Volga also believes that the nationalist propaganda of the Ukrainian authorities are trying to cover up the catastrophic rate of decline of the economy, well-being of citizens and the impoverishment of the state. Thus, the current government is for the military theme a convenient excuse not to carry out … [read more]
Medical doctor assisting anti-Maidan arrested and tortured
7/1/2016 · Anonymous Ukrainian democratic activists in exile and supporters
Grubnik Vladimir Yurievich
On the 19th of October, 2015, Grubnik Vladimir Yurievich, a doctoral candidate of Medicine, a lecturer at Odessa National Medical University (Department of surgery) and a surgeon at Odessa Municipal clinical hospital was arrested in Odessa by force. He was an activist who participated in the events on Kulikovo Field [massacre committed by right-wing Ukrainian nationalists in Odessa where dozens of anti-Maidan activists we killed] and contributed medical aid to his comrades who suffered traumas during those events. He refused to accept the inhuman and illegal regime and after that he shared the fate of many who dared to speak up. Ukrainian authorities incriminate him participation in terrorist activities which he totally denies. During the very process of detention he was beaten and the … [read more]
Freedom for the communist political prisoners in Ukraine!
Ukraine launched a widespread campaign against dissidents. Leftists and communists are persecuted by the authorities and neo-Nazi militants. Thousands of people have already suffered from such repression. The regime is heating up the atmosphere of hatred and fear in the country, promoting denunciations and physical violence. Union Borotba calls on all concerned people to help spread information about the crimes of the Kiev regime, support the political prisoners, and demand that their governments end all support for the military action in Donbass and stop turning a blind eye to political repression in Ukraine. Please take a look at the attached .pdf file for detailed … [read more]
The revealing case of Ukrainian journalist Igor Guzhva
17/8/2015 · by Sergei Kiritchuk*
Since May of 2014, the Ukrainian authorities, as well as radical right-wing organizations, have repeatedly undertaken all manner of actions against the Vesti holding and its head Igor Igor Guzhva (the holding includes the newspaper, internet site and radio station of the same name, the magazine Reporter and the television channel UBR). On May 22, 2014, the activities of the editorial team of the Vesti newspaper (the largest daily newspaper in the country) were entirely locked down by personnel of the tax police on the pretext of a search being carried out. It should be noted that this happened two days before the presidential elections in Ukraine, despite the moratorium declared by the authorities on checks on the mass media. It was at this point that it became known that there was an … [read more]
Free Alexandr Bondarchuk
After the arrest, he was charged with assault on the territorial integrity of Ukraine, becoming another political prisoner. Alexander Bondarchuk had participated in the struggle against NATO, were protesting against the rehabilitation of Ukrainian supporters of Hitler, and that this activity was the main reason for his arrest. Alexander Bondarchuk also headed the All-Ukrainian Union of workers – the trade Union that fought for workers' rights in Ukraine. The arrest of Alexander Bondarchuk is a striking confirmation of the existence of political repression in Ukraine. Pavel Zotov, Leo. Informational bureau and the coordination council of the Union of political emigrants and political prisoners from Ukraine. Committee for Kharkov liberation (K-27) Odessa Committee for … [read more]
Communist prisoner Andrei Sokolov on trial in occupied Mariupol
30/4/2015 · Borotba
Andrei Sokolov in prison in Mariupol
Andrei is a staunch communist, an opponent of the Yeltsin and Putin regimes. In Russia, he spent a total of nine years in prison on political charges. At the same time, like any true leftist, he is an ardent supporter of the popular uprising in Donbass. Andrei writes from jail: "Today was the first court session. It was held in Berdyansk Court (Judge O.G. Pakhomenko), but they did not even bring me there – it was a video conference. From the prison. They want to condemn me remotely! Tomorrow at 10 am is the next ‘session.’ I demanded an interpreter, they postponed the trial until tomorrow when he will arrive. And I will make a motion to receive a paid lawyer and be personally present at the trial. We need to contact the media to make the maximum publicity, as they want to … [read more]
Ukrainian elections: quasi-parliament for the minority
31/10/2014 · by Kolesnik Dmitriy, Ukrainian web-journal Liva (
Half of the eligible voters boycotted the elections since they don’t see any use of it, since their will was again violated last February during the coup. Thus, in fact Ukraine has the parliament and president representing actually a part of the country – the fact that inevitably contributes to the escalation of the civil war. The whole election campaign was held in the atmosphere of intimidation and terror of the political opponents, that reminds the elections in Germany 1933 – “free and fair” despite the permanent attacks and terror against the Left, trade-unions and dissenters. The president Poroshenko greeted the results of elections because “at last there will be no more communists in the Parliament”. Actually, there will be no more any kind of Left or at least … [read more]