by Narmin Amir and Yusuf Fakhr ed Din in Damascus**
Abdalaziz al-Khair (c) attacked by SNC supporters in Cairo
Abdalaziz al-Khair was a leading member of the Communist Action Party. He was persecuted and had to live underground for more than ten years. He was arrested and tortured in 1992, sentenced to 22 years and released in 2005. In 2007 he participated in founding the “Left Assembly”, which included the Communist Action Party, the Kurdish Left Party, the Body of Syrian Communists, the Marxist Democratic Assembly and the Coordination Committee of the Members of the Syrian Communist Party – Politburo.
by Wilhelm Langthaler
by Egyptian-European TV,
A leading figure of the Syrian left opposition spoke at a meeting in Vienna, invited by the “Austrian Arab Cultural Centre” (Okaz). Haitham Manna spoke about the necessity of the Kofi Annan plan in order to stop the violence and to initiate subsequent democratic reforms.
by Abdel-Halim Qandil* (عبد الحليم قنديل)
Abdel-Halim Qandil
Calling for a foreign intervention serves the Assad regime, betrays the revolutionary cause, and threatens Syria with disintegration. What is required is not to destroy Syria, but to destroy the regime and let Syria rise from the ashes, according to the wish of her people, who long for a democratic Arabic homeland.
Statement from the delegation of the National Coordination Body to the ‘Friends of Syria’ conference in Tunisia
by Wilhelm Langthaler
Dr. Khaled Khoja is medical doctor and a vocal activist of the Syrian opposition based in Turkey. Belonging to the Islamic current he was a member of the “Damascus Declaration” in 2005 and today is part of the Syrian National Council (SNC).
by Wilhelm Langthaler
Among some anti-imperialist trends, we are facing a mindset whose sole criteria are geo-political. This method is inherited essentially from the Stalinist Soviet Union, which in its turn took it from the pre-1919 global ruling elites. To this mindset, the masses are nothing, only the rulers count.
by Wilhelm Langthaler
We are facing a democratic popular revolution directed against the old imperial order. It was a spontaneous revolt without a prepared political leadership. It is not by accident that the strongest popular political force across the region, political Islam in all its variants, neither initiated nor lead the upheaval. It has been rather a general leftist sentiment that inspired the first line of combat.
by Wilhelm Langthaler
Despite the undeniable historic anti-imperialist traits of the Baath regime (support for the Lebanese and Palestinian resistance, block with Iran) these are by far outweighed by the anti-imperialist momentum represented by the popular uprising in the entire region.
by Wilhelm Langthaler
by Carlos Latuf
While the Syrian popular revolt is being massacred by Assad and for the time being seems to be not strong enough to topple his regime, a battle within the global anti-imperialist movement is raging over whether or not to support the democratic revolution. Some still believe that Assad is defending the banner of anti-imperialism against his people, even more as the Syrian National Council is appealing more and more for outside help.
by Mustafa Ilhan and Wilhelm Langthaler
Khaled Khoja
Khaled Khoja is a vocal activist of the Syrian opposition based in Turkey. Belonging to the Islamic current he was a member of the “Damascus Declaration” and today is part of the Syrian National Council (SNC).


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