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To kill Taliban commanders, Afghan govt accepts death of hundret civilians
4/4/2018 · Left Radical of Afghanistan (LRA)
The declaration of the president palace and as well as the statements of the Ministry of Defense, shamelessly justify their brutal military operation and killing of more than 60 civilians and 150 injured. The government shared with media a list of Taliban commanders that have been killed in 2nd April air strikes to show they have targeted the right place and right people! However, the residents of the Archi district, the wounded people and children and the reports from the Kunduz hospitals all prove that 85% of the victims are civilians and children and students. According to the Geneva conventions and Rome Statute of the ICC, targeting civilians and blind air strikes that resulte in casualties and loss to the civilians is a war crime and the perpetrators must be prosecuted. The … [read more]
13 workers of a coal mine shoot down in Afghanistan
11/1/2017 · by Left Radical of Afghanistan (LRA)
13 workers of a coal mine shoot down in Afghanistan
This is not the first time that the workers are targeted by Daesh and Taliban because of working in under government or foreign troops control areas. In some cases Daesh hunts the workers because of their believes and religious affiliation. Shiite minority in Afghanistan are recognized non-Muslim by Daesh and thus legalize their annihilation by any means and any time. Some circles in the government of Afghanistan and foreign embassies in Kabul are accused of financing and supporting Daesh in Afghanistan. Zahir Qadir an MP and also the ex governor of Paktika province of Afghanistan charged the National Security Council of Afghanistan with granting money to Daesh in Eastern and Southern provinces of Afghanistan. The recent attempts of Russia in collaboration with China and Pakistan … [read more]
The US/Nato backed regime in Kabul protects itself not the people
24/7/2016 · Left Radical of Afghanistan (LRA)
The regime of Kabul with having 350 thousand security forces plus more than 13000 US and Nato troops and hundreds of intelligent services in Kabul have been here to protect themselves from the anger of unemployed and poor people of Afghanistan who have been demanding for the withdrawal of invader US/Nato forces and resigning their child regime in Afghanistan. The government and their bosses have confined themselves in multiple protection walls and security guards and installed barriers everywhere and using armored vehicles but they never feel responsibility to maintain the security of thousands of demonstrators who needed their support. The demonstration was organized by Junbish Roshaee (The Movement of Light) which established to advocate for the electricity for the central part of … [read more]
US prisons in Afghanistan
20/9/2013 · Left Radical of Afghanistan (LRA)
The Bagram prison established in 2002 under US in Afghanistan is known as world most dreadful prison where systematically and openly the basic rights of human rights and prisoners rights are violated by US authorities from military forces to diplomats and judicial authorities. The prisoners are deprived of having contact with their families and friends and outside prisons world. Lack of access to defender lawyer, court trial and other legal assistance, keeping detainees even after expiring their sentence period are some samples of US authorities commitment to human rights .There is no access of “Human rights defender” organizations to the detentions site under US in Afghanistan. Those “Human Rights” organizations that succeeded to visit a small and well decorated site of the … [read more]
US-Afghan permanent slavery agreement
5/5/2012 · Left Radical Organization of Afghanistan (LRA)
The slavery agreement was signed at the time while all the people including the ministers, the national assembly members were sleeping and still have not understand about the contents of the agreement. So, the travel of Obama on late night to Kabul on one hand shows his failure and uncontrolled security situation after a decade war in Afghanistan, on the other hand to reveals the high level no confidence among the partners as well as their hurries. The people in Afghanistan have been joking; if the agreement was signed in a mid dark night then the future of the agreement will be inevitably darkness as well. Whilst the US and its allies during a decade with their heavy military and financial presence could not insured security and development in Afghanistan, how they expect positive … [read more]
Afghan left warns Libyan people over NATO interests
3/9/2011 · Nasir Loyand, Left Radical of Afghanistan (LRA)
The world imperialism for its "world order" needs to occupy more regions and set up their military bases on their strategic requirement. US and NATO have been committing such crimes in the war in Afghanistan as well. They have caused the death of more than 100.000 Afghans and not only could not restored "democracy and peace" but also deteriorated the situation more than before. They established a corrupt and weak regime which cannot stay a week without the support of US/NATO. The recently talking on strategic agreement between Afghanistan and US for legalizing occupation forces and establishment of military bases constitute the key objective of the bargaining between a master and a slave. The imperialism never have helped a nation nor brought the prosperity to them. This claim once … [read more]
To the People of Tunisia
24/1/2011 · Left Radical of Afghanistan (LRA)
Congretulation on Tunisian Revolution which will inspire the workers and the oppressed around the world to stand up aganist so- called democratic regimes and capitalist brutal system.The workers and people of Afghanistan which have been suffering from occupation of US/Nato and their barbaric war, express their solidarity with Tunisian people and condonle with families of martyreds and victim of police in Tunisia. - long live workers revoluation in Tunisia! - Down with imperialism and occupation! - Stop imperialist intervention in Tunisia! Nasir Loyand 24 January 2011, … [read more]
Logar anti-US demonstration challenges occupation and puppet regime
4/5/2010 · by Left Radical of Afghanistan (LRA)
According to Arman Mili newspaper, the officials of the Interior Ministry of Afghanistan intend to impose a ban on peaceful demonstrations in order to avoid the growth of the opposition’s influence. According to the law and the new constitution, demonstration and freedom of expression are legal rights of the citizens. But they are being violated permanently by the government and its foreign supporters. More than two thousand people, students and peasants of Logar, gathered in demonstrations and blocked the Kabul-Gardiz highway in Purak village to protest against the daily killing, detention and torture carried out by US/Nato forces in the province, reacting in particular to the last episode in which the US forces broke into a house late in the night, in the village of Kamal Khil, … [read more]
Karzai’s dissonance with Washington and the electoral law
23/4/2010 · by Left Radical of Afghanistan (LRA)
The recent speech of Karzai about the intervention of US, UN and EU in the “home affairs” and election process of Afghanistan was not something incident. In fact it was not something new for the people of Afghanistan and the world. But it was shocking news for his lords as he dared to present himself as an independent president. The “Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan” and “Electoral Complaints Commission” were never recognized independent and fair by the people of Afghanistan since their establishment and following their missions. As their funds and resources are coming from specific foreign sources they had to obey their orders and implement their plans accordingly. The US and EU provided budget for the elections, employed the election’s key staff, … [read more]
Peace negotiations or failed attempts of US and Karzai regime?
23/4/2010 · by Left Radical of Afghanistan (LRA)
The US and NATO leaders continue to play a game with their armed rivals. They believe to drag the rebels to the peace table by force and undermine their demands and peace conditions prior to the negotiations. Nobody trusts in each other and does no dare to disclose the place of the talks and identity of the involved delegates. Usually both of them prefer to deny it. The anti occupation resistance in Afghanistan is not limited to Hezbe Islami (Hekmatyar’s Party) or Taliban. It is a popular resistance without particular leadership or organization. The Islamic Party of Hekmatyar and some collaborative Taliban have their own registered parties and representatives in the puppet regime of Karzai as ministers, governors, MPs, Commanders, Advisors/consultants since 2004-5. They are … [read more]
Peace for Afghanistan – International Conference Rome
The Taliban regime has been overthrown both because of its enormous inferiority in comparison to its aggressors and due to the fact that they did neither allow political nor cultural dissent. After two decades of sufferings, many Afghans wanted to believe the promises of their aggressors: they hoped that the Americans could bring wellness, peace and freedom. Notables, intellectuals, petty politicians and Ulema, jumped on the bandwagon, joining the court of the puppet Karzai. Among them there were also some war lords, narcotic traffickers, criminals who had committed severe crimes against their own people. After few time, the people of Afghanistan understood the big imperialist trick. Large amounts of money coming in to the country were pocketed by the new parasites, finishing on … [read more]
Deploying more troops to Afghanistan will cause more disasters for Afghans and Americans
Declaration of the Left Radical of Afghanistan (LRA)The tragic and barbarous war machine of US/NATO in Afghanistan continues to be fed by the blood of the Afghan people and of the troops of imperialist countries present in Afghanistan.According to surveys conducted in US, Canada, Europe and rest of the involved countries in the Afghanistan war, the majority of their people oppose the war and presence of their troops in the disastrous mission in Afghanistan. Only a small minority in power support the war and the bloody tragedy and are seeking to promote their dirty interests by looting, killing and the destruction of other nations, as well as victimizing their own countrymen as solders and financial resources through their tax payments.The same story is with Afghanistan. It is only the … [read more]